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One woman's journey through past memories and grief leads her back home and to her greatest discovery. Can two world-weary lovers work through heartache and loss to forgive past indiscretions? Can they find their way back to one another and a second chance at happiness?

*Title subject to change before publication.





You never fail to truly floor me. Ever. This was incredible. You wove the threads through beautifully, keeping the writing focussed in a gentle way that let the reader take their time and enjoy the wander down memory lane at an unhurried pace. I got a delicious blanket of warmth wrapped around my shoulders as I read this, like a hug from a friend. It's a wonderful piece, truly.

Urgh, the amount of emotions...when I think a wound is closed, I read your stories and start getting all the possible feels. Thank you for such a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

You sweep emotions in one direction with no effort at all, you don't feel the motion at all, you just enjoy the current. I can't tell you how much I admire your writing, and this one in particular because you've made what should be impossible seem completely believable and natural. Utterly gorgeous, please don't ever stop!

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With a background in publishing and marketing, I’ve seen good writers, great writers, and unfortunately some not so good writers. I worked for seven years with magazine publishers, doing copywriting and proofreading for bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and annual publications. I worked in the software industry for twelve years writing sales collateral, training materials, and blog articles. 


I started my creative writing journey as a young teen, crafting “fanfic” before the term came into common use, and having several poetry pieces published before the age of 18. I made my acting debut on stage at age 5 and was writing and directing full length drama productions before graduating high school. At university, I studied communication arts, working as a head writer for the campus television station. As the head of a drama ministry for a local church, I wrote, directed, and performed various skits and full-length plays both in the church and for outside ministries. 

In my spare time, you can find me playing video games with my husband Greg, playing guitar, or spending time with friends and family.



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